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Degussa Limited Edition Palladium Men’s Watch 2016

Singapore, 19 December, 2016 – Degussa Goldhandel GmbH, one of the world’s largest precious metals retailer, has launched its more luxurious path by unveiling the brand’s most exclusive watch yet. The Limited Edition Palladium 2016, with only 25 pieces available worldwide, has a casing and a clasp made of the rare precious metal palladium. The exclusive piece was launched at the MUNICH TIME 2016 watch fair earlier in November.

Engineered by artisans using the finest craftsmanship, as with all Degussa watches, this latest masterpiece is 100% made using the highest quality German material, engineering and innovation in the German town of Pforzheim (nicknamed “Golden City”), which is celebrated for its jewellery and watch-making industry.

The watch dial appears in
the palladium-typical gentle gray-white and was used in the manufacturing process
intentionally not brightened. The light reflective dial is made of solid
sterling silver and decorated with diamond-shaped ornaments and hands. The small second is positioned at 6 o’clock. Behind the sapphire glass bottom of the 42-millimeter case, is the Uhren-Werke-Dresden (UWD) 33.1, a unique manual-wind caliber with a 53-hour power reserve.

The sophisticated movement combines seamlessly with industrial features which gives full view of the intricate gearing.

The black straps are from the highest quality hand-sewn alligator leather.

Palladium is a silver – white precious metal, which belongs to the platinum metals but by far more solid than platinum and rarely used in conventional timepieces due to the technical and elaborate process required to create the perfect product.

Palladium is traditionally used in the manufacturing of medical technology, used in catalysts and is considered an important raw material for
technologies such as nanotechnology. Palladium was discovered in the year
1803 by William Hyde Wollaston, who named it after the asteroid Pallas, which in turn owes its name to the Greek goddess Pallas Athene.

Raphael Scherer, Managing Director and Chief International Officer of Degussa, says that Degussa has re-energized its focus on crafting precious metal for luxurious lifestyle accessories made from the finest material.

“This year Degussa has unveiled a collection of timepieces elegant in design and world-class in engineering. We introduced the limited edition gold pocket-watch and the ladies rose gold watch adorned with diamonds. This new palladium watch completes our watch collection
2016. Degussa takes pride in the evolution of its time-pieces and the high-quality watches made 100% in Germany using the finest material and craftsmanship. We are certain individuals who believe in individuality and making a mark will be instantly drawn to this unique model, especially with only 25 pieces available globally.”

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