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Degussa Iridium Ruthenium

Singapore, 18 August, 2016:  Degussa, Europe’s leading Precious Metals Retailer, has added iridium and ruthenium bars to its already impressively wide-range of products. The addition of these latest two new bars to its existing gold, silver and platinum, makes Degussa’s portfolio one of the most comprehensive in bullion industry.

The industrial uses of iridium and ruthenium are extremely versatile. Both industrial metals are used in medical technology, mechanical engineering, and electrical and chemical industries and jewellery.

Degussa Global Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Wolfgang Wrzesniok-Rossbach, said, “With this step, we have set the standards in diversity and an entirely new benchmark in the precious metals market. The expansion of our offerings with  iridium and ruthenium confirms our position as a pioneer in the industry. Degussa is a brand constantly evolving to ensure the best possible quality with the most diverse range of precious metals.”

“In addition to our traditional investment products and our gold gifts, we continue to put high value in providing special and rare items for customers who are looking at expanding their own personal collections and unique gift ideas,” added Mr. Wrzesniok-Rossbach.

The Degussa iridium and ruthenium have been prepared through a complex metallurgical process. Each bar is marked with the weight and size of the ounce and with the Degussa’s iconic Sun and Moon logo and seals the bars with the highest precious metal fineness of 999.00.

Other uses of iridium can be traced to spark plug electrodes, in nibs or as a component of ink cartridges. In addition, Iridium is often used as a component of alloys and is also incorporated into jewelry such as wedding rings due to its strength.

Ruthenium is similar to iridium and comes as a silver-white hard and brittle metal. It is used in a vast number of industries due to its toughness and durability, such as computer hard drives, dental fillings and is alloys of palladium or platinum to increase the solidity. In addition to this, ruthenium is also used as catalysis for organic synthesis.

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