Interesting videos also about silver and other precious metals

Information about the gold and precious metals markets. Interviews with clear analyses and viewpoints. Background information on the production of gold bars. And of course our TV commercials. You can get all this from a single convenient source – our new YouTube channel.

Follow the link below to go straight to our brand’s channel. Or you can view playlists on specific topics using the links in the right column.

Of course, we will continue to post more videos for you to enjoy. It certainly pays to subscribe to our channel on YouTube!

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Degussa old gold-Spot und Tutorial (german)

Degussa TV Spots (german)

Degussa Tutorials (german)

Degussa older TV-Spots (german)

Degussa older TV-Spots (english)

The making of a Degussa bar

Interviews at the Invest fair