For the time being storage contracts can only be concluded at our office at 22, Orchard Road #01-01, Singapore 238885.
Similar contracts, however, will soon be available at our Online Shop as well.

Transfer into Storage ( Fees per process)

Handling fee for direct purchase of gold with Degussa and transfer into storage (Flat fee) S$30.00
Transportation fee (Minimum) S$70.00

Storage Fees (including insurance)

Type of metal and basis of calculation Price per annum
Gold and Platinum/PGMs´s per additional 100 grams S$15.00
Silver per additional 1000 grams S$10.00

The storage fees apply per additional 100 / 1000 grams of stored precious metal.
The annual storage fees will be calculated on a pro rata basis. If storage begins prior to or on the 15th of a calendar month, that month counts as a full month in the calculation. If storage begins after the 15th of a calendar month, the calculation starts the following month. The relevant date for the calculation is the date of the order confirmation. In case of additional acquisitions during a year into existing storages, the existing stocks shall not be considered for the calculation of the storage fees for the additional items.

The storage fees for subsequent years will be based on the storage volume as of 1 January and are due and payable one year in advance. In case of dispositions (transfer out of storage, transfer of ownership, sales) the fees payed in advance will be refunded for each full month following the effective date of termination.

Transfer out of Storage (Prices per process)

Handling fee for transfer out of storage (Full or Partial) S$30.00
Transportation fees for collection at branch (Minimum) S$70.00
Handling fee in case of transfer to third parties S$300.00

The prices mentioned above apply up to a weight of 100 kg or a value of up to S$ 150,000.00. Fees for larger amounts are subject to individual arrangement. The value will be determined based on the daily (if required, hourly) fixing (net without GST) of the day we have received your order.

In case of a transfer out of the Zero-GST Warehouse, additional customs handling fees of S$ 100.00 as well as GST (if applicable) and, if required, third party cost shall be chargeable. These fees and cost shall be charged either by us or directly from the logistics provider.

Shipping costs in case of dispositions

Please direct your inquiries to our staff at our Singapore office.