From the showroom straight to custody

Our responsibility for your investment extends well beyond the transaction

Precious metals stored in private households are normally not insured. However, they can be stored safely in a Degussa custody immediately after your purchase. You can also entrust previously purchased items to us.

Most importantly, your valuables are stored in your name and your name only to ensure utmost transparency. They are not held in collective custody with other valuables. Your stored precious metals always remain your personal property and the actual items can be identified individually at all times. What is more, an independent auditing firm regularly reviews the inventory.

We will be happy to advise you about all your options

Do you have any questions about storage options even at other locations outside Singapore? It will be our pleasure to advise you in person at any Degussa office. Or you can email us at:

Storage Conditions
 Price List for Custody Business

Furthermore, safe deposit boxes are available to you at select Degussa outlets.

Safe Deposit Box

Safekeeping for enduring value

Safe Depot