The gold standard in safe deposit boxes

Degussa Safe Deposit Box

Your safe deposit box at Degussa – the ideal place for your valuables

As Europe’s leading precious metals retailer, Degussa provides a holistic experience for our exclusive clients. From purchasing gold, silver or platinum, to discreetly storing your assets in our highly secure safe deposit boxes. You are also free to keep your jewellery, documents and other valuables in your safe deposit box as you see fit.

Free Storage and 20% off  Promotion

Sign up for our safe deposit boxes today and you get to enjoy free storage till end of 2017 and 20% off our safe deposit boxes for the next 2 years.

Promotion is for a limited period only. Terms and Conditions apply.

We put a premium on discretion

  • Only you and your authorised parties have access.
  • Store precious metals upon purchase or personal valuables
  • Each safe deposit box comes with an insurance coverage of S$70,000
  • Insure the value of stored items up to S$300,000 by paying additional premiums
  • Enjoy convenient access during our opening hours
  • German quality and safety you can trust

Talk to us today to find out more about storing your valuables at Degussa.

Sizes and costs

Category Measurements
(height x width x length)
Rental per year
incl. GST
Small 5 cm x 30.6cm x 43.5cm S$299.00
Medium 10cm x 30.6cm x 43.5cm S$599.00
Large 30cm x 30.6cm x 43.5cm S$899.00

Terms and Conditions for Safe Deposit Box Promotion: