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Buy Gold – Play it safe:

The age old tradition of buying gold in the form of ornaments, gold coins or indeed gold bullion is evident to the value of this precious metal, and here at Degussa Singapore, we are established as the industry experts. As years have passed on, the lustre of gold has not faded. The yellow metal retains its properties of glittering and illuminating all that it touches. The market for purchase of gold is volatile and dependent on various global characteristics but the demand for gold is independent of its cost. The need to store and purchase gold is like storing for bad weather. There is no great currency in the world that cannot be counted in its weight of gold. The currency of a country may fall and break but gold can always be moulded and reshaped.

The stability of gold is shown through its survival through the sands of time as the most potent form of money. The traditional inclination towards buying gold has made the metal not only precious but in some ways sacred to many beliefs. The availability of opportunities to invest in gold bars in the highest achievable purity makes gold investment a worthwhile option. The investment is available from 1 g to 100 g gold bars in mint packages. It can also available in cast form weighing between 100 g to 1 kg. The availability of 1 g to 1kg gold bar of certified 24 carat 99.99 purity makes the investment more lucrative. Moreover, it is tax free.

Gold is the definitive stable investment. It has been revered and used as a valuable commodity for over 4,500 years. There is no substitute for gold on the jewellery market. It is frequently used in modern technology. Its long history as a reliable hedge against inflation speaks for itself. All this makes gold the safest stake you can hold.

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Silver Bullion: stay on the cutting edge

In Singapore, as with much of the world, silver bullion is considered the underrated cousin of gold, yet has proven to be the beacon of stability and ever growing demand, over time. The rate of gold might have been unpredictable over the past few decades but silver has maintained its upward trend in the market prices. The only reason silver is undervalued is because of the ornamental need for gold jewellery and the use of gold as an alternate currency. The fact that there is much more ground silver than gold and its increased use in industrial applications may prove to make silver a very valuable investment for the future.

Silver bars and coins can be purchased as a form of investment just like gold. The prices for precious metals are dependent on many factors like the availability, demand and what a buyer is willing to pay for the particular quantity of metal. Silver bullions are available from 1 oz to 100 g minted versions with 99.9 purity. It can also come in cast form ranging from 500 g to 15 kg. These bars can be stored at safe deposit boxes for your convenience and be accessed like accessing money in a bank.

Silver bars in the form of heart-warming gifts and mementos will never cease to melt the heart.

Things to ponder before buying your silver bars include several factors such as the size of the bars, liquidity, and appropriate hallmarks and brands prior to purchase.

There are two sides to silver. On the one hand, its price is the most volatile among precious metals; savvy traders can turn profits with it day after day. On the other, it is much like its big brother gold; a reliable hedge against inflationary times. Silver’s many uses as a versatile industrial metal for key devices such as mobile phones and computers ensure silver is of enduring value.

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Platinum – By Degussa:

It is an essential ingredient in several high demand applications. Platinum is used to make a wide variety of modern items, like hard drives, mobile phones, and electronic weapons. The metal also functions as a necessary catalyst for refining oil and sees use in many green products that are growing in popularity as laws change, like catalytic converters. Overall, platinum is a metal that will continue to find new uses as technology advances, proving indispensable in the modern economy.

Though platinum will have ups and downs like any investment, it is safe to assume that with time it will continue to rise. Keep an eye out for a bargain on platinum. Platinum is a metal to hold on to for a long time, as the market promises to continue to grow as demand rises

Platinum is the industrial metal par excellence. This makes it the perfect for people with a good feel for economic trends. No other precious metal lets you invest with such pinpoint precision. And there is no need for concern about platinum’s long-term value: It is fundamental to the automotive sector and therefore part of one of the strongest industries of all.

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